Stay in Ardèche a little longer. To really male the most of what Ardèch has to offer all year round, stay for a few days !

Ardèche: there’s nowhere else quite like it…

It’s almost impossible to choose between all the wonderful experiences that Ardèche has to offer, but we have managed to select 10 that perfectly embody its beauty and tradition. These experiences will leave you mesmerised.

They will offer you unforgettable emotions, sensations and delights. Revel in them with your loved ones, and be open to the sort of chance encounters and genuine interactions with locals that make such a trip all the more memorable.

Our amazing experiences


Discover the soul and the history of Ardèche!

Perched on hilltops and hidden from afar, Ardèche’s traditional villages have been basking in the sun for generations. Their medieval souls and authentic hearts are steeped in tradition. They are vivacious, enchanting, sometimes mysterious, and are scattered through the valleys of the north and south of the area.

21 of our emblematic villages are certified “Villages de caractère” (traditional villages, recognised for their remarkable architecture and natural beauty). They respect quality guidelines which ensure that guests can be welcomed in the best possible conditions, and enjoy the traditional culture and energy they have to offer. A fascinating architectural heritage to satisfy the most curious of souls.

Our “Villages de caractère”

Unique bike trips for all types of cyclists in Ardèche…

In Ardèche you can enjoy a leisurely bike ride with your children on the family-friendly greenways, or work up a sweat on the route of the famous “l’Ardéchoise” bike race, pedalling along country roads that wind through formidable hills and pristine nature… Whether it is for a weekend, a day, or a longer trip, all visitors can enjoy a relaxing bike ride with a few stops for a swim or a picnic!

Ardèche by bike


Hear it before you see it!

Welcome to “L’Ardèche au creux de l’oreille” (Ardèche in your ear), the podcast that will help you brush up on your French before your holiday!

Most of us travel with a camera, but Hervé packs a microphone. In this series of podcasts, he takes you on a voyage of discovery through warm and welcoming Ardèche, the gateway to the South, land of the dolce vita, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. So open up your ears before your eyes, and hear what you’re going to see! Natural scenery, activities, events, historical heritage or meeting local craftspeople… be amazed by Ardèche!

The podcast

The Ardèche train 

A wonder to behold and a trip back in time!

Mechanics, train conductors and drivers have been carrying out the same tasks since 1891, to ensure the smooth running of the trains.

Winding along at 25 km/h (16 mph) through the narrow Doux Gorge (a tributary of the Rhône) is the ultimate way to admire the wild scenery.

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Train de l'Ardèche

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