The Grotte Chauvet 2 – Ardèche is situated in a 29-hectare wooded park which contains the replica Chauvet cave, as well as several other areas for learning more about Prehistory in a fun, immersive way. An exceptional opportunity to discover the Palaeolithic era and the history of humanity’s 1st great masterpiece!


The replica cave

Discover the Chauvet cave’s fabulous, 36,000 year-old bestiary: hundreds of animals are energetically depicted, hunting, charging or clashing with each other. The replica cave is the most emblematic place on the site. It is an anamorphic representation, and is the largest replica of a decorated cave in the world. It recreates the 8500 m² masterpiece of the Chauvet cave in a perfectly adapted 3000 m² space. Enter the cave and marvel at its decorated walls, accompanied by a guide and equipped with an audio headset for a comfortable sound immersion experience.

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The Aurignacian Gallery

The Aurignacian Gallery is a complementary area to discover before or after your cave visit. Gain a deeper understanding of who our artist ancestors were, their art and their environment. You can wander around and learn at your own pace in the 650 m² exhibition, and enjoy its immersive scenery. Get up close to life-size prehistoric animals and scenes of everyday life from the Aurignacian era. Use our multimedia tools to deepen your knowledge through interviews with scientists.

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The amphitheatre

Located at the site entrance, this performance and conference area covers 500 m2 and is completely adaptable, meaning that it can host large, international-scale exhibitions or shows

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Activity areas

A little further on from the amphitheatre, you can find the school workshop areas which include the workshop cave. This one-of-a-kind space offers visitors a chance to let out their inner cave artist. Draw your favourite animal, or a symbol from the cave, using our ancestors’ tools and techniques! Area dedicated to younger and older artists alike. 

Outside in the Palaeolithic camp, visitors discover the lifestyle and the skills of our prehistoric ancestors through demonstrations and practical workshops.

A conference centre boasting a large amphitheatre with retractable grandstand seating, breakout rooms and an entrance hall with a bar area. This complementary space is used for our cultural events, as well as for private functions such as seminars, meetings and workshops.

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The park 

In perfect harmony with the natural environment of the Razal plateau, the site was designed to be an “imprint on the landscape“. Its understated and simple architectural design, nestled in a Mediterranean oak forest, creates a feeling of timelessness and of being at one with nature. Shelter from the sun on the shady walkways that link the different areas of the venue, and stop off at a discovery point to consult the illustrated panels and gain more insight on the site. 

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The panoramic viewpoint

Much like a balcony over the southern Ardèche landscape, the panoramic viewpoint next to the cave offers an expansive, unobstructed view over the valley, the Monts d’Ardèche natural park and the Cévennes. 

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The on-site restaurant

Stop off for a quick bite or a leisurely meal. With its panoramic outside seating area looking over the Monts d’Ardèche natural park and the Cévennes, and its seasonal cuisine inspired by local produce, head chef Thierry Lennon will take your tastebuds on a trip at our restaurant! He works with produce from Ardèche, preferring to stay local when it comes to ingredients.

A snack bar is also available with a panoramic picnic area if you’d rather take a quick lunch break.

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The Book & Gift Shop

Boasting almost 1000 titles, the book & gift shop offers a wide selection of Prehistoric-themed books, games and DIY kits. You can find an aisle of local specialities for the foodies amongst you, as well as cuddly toys, souvenirs and ornaments. Keep the memory of your trip alive with a unique souvenir !

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Somewhere that makes you question your place in the world

The Grotte Chauvet 2 – Ardèche is a site that explores our universal history and invites us to reflect on our original relationship with animals and with the world, through its five buildings and museum displays that combine prehistoric sciences and art history.

The Chauvet 2 cave makes sure that humanity’s first masterpiece is accessible to all.

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