A new show

ANIMAL is an immersive sound and light experience in the large exhibition room

A magical show for your senses takes place in a universal language. An invitation to dive into an enormous fresco, brought to life and intensified by an original musical composition!

From cave art to street art

From the Chauvet cave artists who adorned their rocky canvases with the extraordinary bestiary, to the street artist WAR! who brings poetry to the walls of our cities with paintings of animals, humanity has always been fascinated by wild fauna.

ANIMAL focuses on the movement of the artist, on lines drawn from one wall to another, and unravels the threads that link us to each other, to our exceptional ancestors, and to renowned painters who gain their inspiration from nature. Amidst a vividly colourful bestiary, members of the audience can wander through 36,000 years of wall art, from cave paintings to contemporary street art. Younger and older dreamers alike will discover what makes art universal, and why we have such a special attachment to ANIMALs.

Discover this original creation at the Grotte Chauvet 2-Ardèche.

  • Look around at your own pace in the large exhibition room.
  • Sessions start every 15 minutes throughout the day without interruption.
  • Included in ticket price – Buy tickets online now

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