Memories to take away with you  

Boasting almost 1000 titles, the book & gift shop offers a wide selection of prehistoric-themed books, games and DIY kits. You can find an aisle of local specialities for the foodies amongst you, as well as cuddly toys, souvenirs and ornaments. Keep the memory of your trip alive with a unique souvenir!

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The Bookshop

Do you want to learn more about the Prehistoric period?

The book & gift shop has a wide choice of publications for you.

Discover a vast selection of works: from specialist literature on the Chauvet cave to special editions of newspapers. You will also find documentation about the Prehistoric period: cave art, everyday life, spirituality… Discover the latest research and the most recent publications selected by our resource team. 

Our shop is full of books sure to please both older and younger Homo sapiens, with a choice of graphic novels, illustrated books, and novels which will inspire a passion for Prehistory.

Local specialities

Find a gift for the foodie in your life (or for yourself!) in our assortments of local products: chestnut in all its forms, honey, jams, nougat and other sweet treats, paired with beers or soft drinks… these local specialities always please the crowd! The “Goûtez l’Ardèche” range is a collective trademark, guaranteeing a quality product which is 100% “Ardéchois”!


Take a unique souvenir home with you in the form of a replica Venus figurine or other emblematic artefact from prehistoric archaeological discoveries. Purchase a finely carved flint knife or an assegai spear, which you may have already had the chance to try out in our on-site activities.  With our range of both decorative and functional objects, you can take a little piece of the Chauvet cave home with you: mugs, kitchen linens, crockery, magnets, jewellery, posters and paintings… there is something for everyone! And if you’re looking for a special gift, pieces of contemporary art inspired by the Chauvet cave animals are available to purchase. 

Toys & games

Children of all ages will be delighted by our wide selection of toys and games. Kits for learning Aurignacian painting techniques or to inspire budding archaeologists, personalised jigsaw puzzles, activity booklets, even board games that the whole family can get involved in… everything you could possibly need to learn through play!

Find the cuddly toy version of the bestiary here! Mammoths, reindeer, bison, wooly rhinoceros, … Nature Planet and Living Nature‘s cuddly toys are made from recycled materials.  Part of the revenue generated from these cuddly toys is donated to Plan International, a network of NGOs committed to promoting and protecting children’s rights worldwide.

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