St Valentine’s special: The woman in the cave.

La plus mystérieuse Vénus  de la Préhistoire

La Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardèche offers, at the time of celebrating love and union, a special thematic visit reserved for an adult audience.

How did our ancestors perceive, imagine and depict the mysteries of desire? This visit will open your eyes and suggest another vision of prehistoric rock art. 

An ode to love and fertility

And what if caves were places where Aurignacians came to celebrate love?

This uniquely themed tour invites visitors to change their perception of the geological convolutions of the Chauvet cave, the painted depictions of animals and the abstract female symbolization, in an attempt to understand how Arignacians may have interpreted the mysteries of life.

One date only, by reservation only.

The specificity of this themed tour is highly recommended for second time visitors. A unique adults-only tour will be proposed at 4.30pm in order to allow a full development of the subject.