New in 2023: Torchlight guided tours

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From 4 January to 31 March 2023, discover the cave in a different way with guided tours by torchlight!


Discover the cave in the footsteps of our Palaeolithic ancestors

In the footsteps of Cro-Magnon, experience an immersive tour full of emotion: the vibrations and colours of the flames set in motion the first great masterpiece of humanity in a breathtaking underground landscape! In the light of the torch, the works come to life and the shadows play on the relief of the walls. The power of the artists’ gestures and of the place is then multiplied tenfold, making their presence almost palpable!


Take a new look at the 1st great masterpiece of humanity

With one of our guides equipped with a torch, the works of art are revealed as you walk along. The prototype torch developed guarantees an experience as close as possible to that of our ancestors, while avoiding the discomfort of smoke. This visit will allow you to understand the importance of lighting in prehistory and its impact on cave art!


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📅 Exceptional: from 4 January to 31 March 2023

🚩 Visit mode applied to all visits during this period

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