ANIMAL, a new great immersive show

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ANIMAL, from Prehistory to Street Art!


From the artists of the Chauvet cave who adorned the rock walls with their fantastic bestiary to the street artist WAR who poetizes the walls of our cities with his animal paintings, wildlife has never ceased to fascinate our humanity. Animal speaks to us of artists’ gestures, of these lines drawn from one wall to another… pull on this thread that binds us, connects us to our ancestors of genius and to the illustrious painters inspired by nature. It is in the middle of a colorful bestiary that the spectator will be able to wander through 36,000 years of parietal art, from caves to contemporary street art. Young and old dreamers will perceive the universality of artistic practice and our special attachment to ANIMALS.


Free wandering in the large exhibition room

Sessions every 15 minutes continuously throughout the day

Included in the entrance ticket