In the depths of a cave, the first artists in the history of Humanity created a masterpiece: horses, lions, rhinos and other animals, captured in time, running, hunting and in full confrontation.

Some 36 000 years later, engineers and artists accomplished a unique feat by replicating the artwork and geological context of the original cave : what is now known as  the Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardèche. This extraordinary collection of paintings and engravings is now visible to all and allows the visitor to share the emotions of the original discovery.

As you enter the cave, surrounded by stalgmites and stactites, you will discover a world last visited by men ,women and cave bears, thousands of years ago.

The artwork  comes to life in an interplay of light and shadows and the skilful mastery of shading and perspective techniques. Hundreds of animals, representing 15 different species, that were painted ,drawn with charcoal or engraved using flint tools or fingertips.

The tour lasts an hour. The visitor progresses along a raised walkway that allows a privileged view of the 27 panels displayed in the cave.

Your visit will conclude with the monumental 12-metre long Lion Panel, where 92 animals emerge as moving forms .