A space where information takes over from emotion!
After admiring the cavern you can continue to explore the prehistoric world in the Aurignacian Gallery.

A captivating film, interactive touch screens, life-size woolly rhinos, mammoths, and bison from the steppes, all help you to discover the environment, flora and fauna of men and women who lived in our land 36 000 years ago. 

Take a journey of discovery of our ancestors through scenes that explore three main themes :

  • Our prehistoric ancestors: Who were they? Where did they come from? What did they do?
  • Ardèche 30 000 years ago : When the earth was in the midst of an ice age, Ardèche and its surrounding countryside was home to our ancestors, but what was it like? Mammoths, lions, cave bears, and woolly rhinos will enlighten you!
  • Of special note : parietal art, the art of our beginnings. The Pont-d’Arc Cavern is the only place in France and one of the rare few in the world that explores the art practised by our ancestors. How did they go about it? What pictorial techniques did they use? What themes did they explore? What meaning did they give to their art?